The efficient and easy to install salt pneumatic conveying system

Bart is the versatile, small and easy-to-mount system for handling salt, both iodinated and sea salt. Available today for your business with a few simple steps.


Bart allows to move fluidly and homogeneously iodinated salt and sea salt.


Thanks to the low salt transport speed, the system prevents piping wear.


Bart is suitable for every kind of environment, it is silent and has small dimensions. It is appropriate for the pneumatic movement of salt.


Practical and economical, Bart has significantly lower power consumption than other technologies and reduced maintenance costs.

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Why using BART as you salt pneumatic conveying system?

Bart transporter is able to convey salt and other granules materials inside of a pipeline. It is suitable for trajectories up to 15 meters (50 feet), with a flow rates of 1 m3/h and a pressure capacity up to 2 bar. The whole salt pneumatic conveying system is completely closed.
Bart differentiates for installation simplicity, application flexibility and reduced price.

Bart uses the dense phase pneumatic salt pneumatic conveying technology. The low velocity conveyance system preserves the quality of the conveyed salt but also the condition of the pipeline. The system uses a reduced quantity of air with a resulting energy saving.
The electronic panel with dedicated software and colour touch screen allows to customise transport cycle.

The system is available in carbon steel, AISI 304 and AISI 316 (internal finishes for food and pharmaceutical use), for high temperatures (up to 250° C) and for ATEX 21 and ATEX 22 settings. The Bart size is unique (capacity 24 litres), with a 150mm diameter loading valve and an exit tube of 1.5", 2" e 3" diameter.

salt pneumatic conveying system and a lot more:
Fields of applications

Other than being an excellent salt pneumatic conveying system, Bart is the ideal to transport a lot of other bulk materials, even fragile powders or materials that tend to agglomerate. The system is particularly suitable for the energy, food, plastic, chemical or pharmaceutical industries.

Food sector

Transport of bulk foodstuffs as flour, grinded coffee or roasted coffee bins, sugar, additives, cocoa, rice to be treated, white rice, extruded products, puffed cereals, dried beans, milk powder.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Moving chemical products in safe with a low velocity in order to safeguard the quality of the material. The entire system is completely closed.

Energy sector: biomass and pellet

Transport of ashes from biomass boilers or pellet.

Plastic and rubber industry

The system enables to safely move plastic materials and safeguards the integrity of the plastic granule till the end of the conveying line.

Advantages over
traditional salt pneumatic conveying system

Productivity optimisation

Thanks to a high level of efficiency, Bart enables to optimize the production cycles. It distinguishes for a high internal cleaning.

Installation simplicity

Bart is easy and quick to be installed. In fact it doesn’t need any engineering design and even of a fitter intervention.


The system fits in the specificities of different sectors. Thanks to the low velocity of transport, it guarantees the integrity of the conveyed salt.

Reduced costs

Bart let the maximization of the profits of your company with a very favourable and cheap impact.

How to install BART

Easy assembling, with no engineering design and fitter intervention

Bart is available according to the plug and play methodology: it connects and uses the system without the need of any engineering design and a fitter intervention.

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  • Electronic panel;
  • Pressure reducer;
  • Packaging.

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